Walk in the snow while you fall in love with White Manali!

by on September 29, 2016
Winter Trek at Chadar

Winter Trek on the Frozen River

Walk in the snow while you fall in love with White Manali!

When it’s winter, it’s time to trek the Himalayas.

A journey should be as beautiful as the final destination and when it comes to a beautiful destination, nothing beats the Himalayas blanketed in snow. The picturesque snow clad mountains with a hint of sunlight hitting the peak, converting the white into gold. This is an image that stays in your mind and heart forever.

To witness the real magic of the Himalayas, get out of your shell, pack your haversack and get ready for a walk in the snow. After all, real beauty is discovered away from the towns, in the mist of mountains; on a trek.


Participants tackling abundant snow on a trek

Winter Trek

Treks are not about the destination but a lot more. It is a journey to accomplish something new, a journey to feel inner peace; a journey filled with enjoyment every step of the way. And if you are trekking in winters then surely nothing can beat what you are about to experience.

One of the best destinations to visit for a winter trek is Manali. Known as the queen of Himachal Pradesh, this breath-taking hill station is very popular among tourists and adventure seekers. The beauty of the place, loads of trekking trails, covered with a sheet of snow nd the warmth of the experience makes Manali a trekking destination that will not let you down.


Trekking is a great Opportunity to cement friendships that will last a lifetime

First Time is Always Special

The common myth says trekking in the snow is only for the experienced trekkers. It is known as a myth for this very reason. Every journey starts with a first step and trekking in Manali during winters could be that first step which will be cherished forever. With a large array of trek routes on offer, Manali is very kind to trekkers and allows you to select the route depending on the level of adventure you are looking for. So don’t spend your energy questioning if a winter trek is for you. The Himalayas has that power to enrol anyone to its shed. Get your backpack ready and take up the Walk in the Snow Journey.


A beautiful trek in the Himalayas

Fun Activities in the mists of Mountains

Spend time in Manali and try some amazing adventures along the way. Manali has many adventure activities that are most fun during winter months. Under the careful supervision of the exerts, learn Skiin or roll down the snow filled mountains in a sledge. Build a snowman or simply snow fight with your family and friends

What do you need to carry

Winters are usually very cold in Manali with temperatures reaching sub zero degrees. It is of paramount importance to carry warm clothes like a think jacket, woolen socks, monkey cap and hand gloves. It is advisable to carry everything in a sturdy backpack and a warm sleeping bag. However, some trekking clubs such as Adventure Activities Promoters provide their own backpacks and good quality sleeping backs for your trekking journey. A poncho is a must as it may rain or snow during your trek. Carry chocolates and dry fruits as they are a good source of energy and also help you keep warm.


“This winter make snow your bed and sky your blanket”


Time to climb

by on September 29, 2016


Trekkers With Adventure Activities Promoters

Trekkers with AAP on reaching Base Camp of Kedarkantha Trek

Every time is good but some are the best

Everything has a right time but dreams can’t wait for it they just made their own. The focus and power will maintain the essence and beauty of your dreams. Sports just need passion and players, ground will make itself. Trekking is an adventurous sport but it is open for all because nature is not biased. Let’s see what every trek has to say, what they have in their guide.

A talk with mountains

Every trek has its own statement. Every trail has its own way. There is no bad time to commence the trek but there is the best time for it. Chaddar trek is one of the challenging treks in India due to its steep. Experienced trekkers have saidthat best time to enjoy the Chaddar trek is January to Feburary. Now the Roopkund trek in Uttarakhand city says something else. Snow and ice and the taste of a great adventure as you climb from 8,000ft to 16,000ft in 5 days are amazing. To feel the essence of this wonderful place you should plan this in between May – October.

Some treks have been the challenging and will hit your ego but some are very welcoming. Your time, money and most importantly your passion should be invested in a way that you can enjoy the most. Hampta pass in Manali is very open and gentle trek which calls the amateurs as well. The best time to feel the magic of the surroundins are June – September. On the other hand the Giant Mount Everest which is situated in Nepal and Tibet has something else to say. The guide is totally different. If you are ready to blow your mind and just live then plan the trip in between April to May and September to November

Festival calling


Khangchendzonga Tourist festival, Sikkim

Sikkim welcomes huge amount of tourist during Khangchendzonga Tourist festival which takes place in Pelling from December 24 to 26. The ebullient occasion involve events like white-water rafting, kayaking trekking and mountain biking. This festival also gives you a taste of nature by holding exhibition through flowers. Foodies it’s definitely your place because you can try out mouth-watering foods like Momos, Thukpa and Kinema.


Nyokum festival, Arunachal Pradesh

Nyokum Festival is another most prominent festival of Arunachal Pradesh. Celebrated by the Nyishi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, Nyokum is a very colorful festival and reflects the interesting cultural heritage and ethnicity of the Nyishi tribe. Nyokum Festival is celebrated every year on 26th February with great zeal and spirit. This festival involves traditional clothes, singing and dancing. During the festival, the head priest performs rituals and prayers are offered to the spirits to bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to the people.  Men and women in traditional attire hold hands nd forming a circle perform the traditional dance as they sing “Nyokum bo tapa debe”.


Darjeeling carnival, North Bengal Region

If you are planning your holidays in mountains then it’s time to dig into the rich and diverse culture of the ravine folk of the Mahabharata Range Darjeeling Carnival that takes place in the mist of November. The festival continues for 10 days and includes events like poetry-reading sessions, painting and photo exhibitions, tea-drinking ceremonies, Land Rover rally, music concerts and ethnic food festivals. These different flavours reunite the youth and travellers from different part of the world.




The Passion for trekking

by on September 29, 2016
Treks provide great opportunities to free yourself from the rigours of everyday life

Treks provide great opportunities to free yourself from the rigours of everyday life


Treks are a lot more than just climbing mountains

Treks are a lot more than just climbing mountainWhere there is a will, there is a way but for some where there is a hill, there is a trek. 

Your “Will Power” will give you Power

What does trekking need? Does it need physical strength or mental strength? We often ask this question and usually we get the answer that is treks are not meant for physically weak or women or heavies.

Age and Weight are just a NUMBER                                                           

Numbers, weight and age trouble most of us if not all. IN adventure sports, age and weight do play a role, but not as the role your mental strength plays. Surely Trekking needs some stamina and lot of activeness which can be built by exercising or in gym or out there in gardens. But there is no gym that builds mental strength or “will” as life. During my first trekking experience, I was not the fittest in my group. But the excitement and mental preparations took me to the top whereas some participants who looked a lot fitter than I am, struggled. This continues to happen even now, after all these years of trekking. This is where lies a very important life lesson, “ Most times, fitness will lose to will power.

Dreams may be different but dreamers are the same

“It’s your positivity which conquers all the odds and will make your choices even”